In 1973 a group of police officers in Camden New Jersey founded the first Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club; they called it The Centurions.

The name salutes the very first police officers; in ancient Rome only a soldier who held the rank of a Centurion was permitted to correct the actions of a Roman Citizen. Centurions MC founded on 3 principals love of riding motorcycles, fraternity,charity.  We play hard, we ride hard and we work hard; as a club we donate to various charities annually.  The Mother Chapter in Philadelphia has raised over a half million dollars for the Philadeliphia Shriner's Children's Hospial.

In 2016 the North Toronto Chapter was formed.  At first we raised money for local families through our charity rides and events.  As our rides became more profitable in 2019 the chapter aligned with the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children as our main beneficiary a relationship we continue today.  Our annual charity ride called Cruisin' for the Cause has become a great success and the club donated $15,000 in the first two years of the event. Title